Henny Penny Commercial Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny PXE-100 and PFE-500 Pressure Fryers
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Henny Penny commercial pressure fryers, are ideal for producing high-volume juicy, tender fried chicken and other healthier fried foods. You can easily recognize Henny Penny's deep pressure fryers by their rectangular fry pot design. The rectangular fry pot, a Henny Penny innovation, creates turbulence for more evenly, consistently fried foods.

Every Henny Penny pressure fryer has an easy-to-use built-in oil filtration system to extend oil life. When used throughout the day, the filtration system removes impurities making fried foods tasty and enjoyable.

The easy-to-use Henny Penny Computron 8000 control offers operators more control over their chicken fryer. The built-in Idle Mode, Filter Tracking, and PC Control can extend oil life beyond just filtering alone. Combined with programmable product buttons, the Computron 8000 is a must-have for a commercial chicken fryer.

Henny Penny engineers each pressure deep fryer with high-quality stainless steel construction to ensure lasting durability and safety. The patented lid lock system and color-coded spindle keep the lid locked until pressure reaches a safe level.

Henny Penny pressure fryers deliver results regarding high-volume frying, equipment performance, and durability.

Why Choose a Pressure Fryer

Henny Penny breaded fried chicken strips and cup of french fries

Pressure frying consistently delivers the most flavorful results. It is quicker than any other technique when preparing food in large quantities. To illustrate, cooking under pressure takes less time and at lower temperatures than open frying. As a result, this cooking process uses less energy. It also has a greater throughput, making it great for frying large batches.

Pressure also locks in the food's natural juices and flavor, providing healthier fried food. Pressure also seals out excess cooking oil resulting in less cooking oil usage, saving operators from this ongoing expense. Because foods retain natural juices, pressure-fried foods hold longer in heated holding cabinets.

With a Henny Penny pressure fryer, operators can enjoy oil savings, energy savings, and customers that keep coming back for more!

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Pressure Fryer Models

Henny Penny PFG-600 4-Head Gas Pressure Fryer

The Henny Penny PFE 500, PFE 561 and PFG 600 pressure fryers make loads of fried chicken in a small space. In just 20 inches of space, these Henny Penny chicken fryers produce that healthier, better tasting fried chicken customers will love. These fried chicken machines are compact and provide operators a cost-effective solution to producing large amounts of fried foods.

The electric PFE-500 and gas PFG-600 pressure fryers can cook up to 4 heads of chicken, or 12-14lbs of food. The electric PFE-561 can cook up to 6 heads of chicken or 16-18lbs of food. Each fryer is available with the in-house built Computron 1000 and Computron 8000 controls.

The Computron 1000 control offers simple programming in an easy to use digital control panel with LED display. The Computron 8000 control of the Henny Penny fryer has automatic programming and energy-saving, filtering, and cooking management features.  

The standard, built-in filtration on Henny Penny pressure fryers extend oil life and takes just minutes to filter oil. Greater consistency and a better tasting fried foods are a result from active cooking oil filtration.


  • Color-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal
  • The lid remains sealed until the pressure reaches one psi.
  • Electric: high-efficiency heating elements
  • Gas: high-efficiency burners, solid-state ignition
  • Built-in filtration
  • Choice of simple or feature-rich computer control
  • Fully insulated, heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with a 7-year warranty
  • Rectangular fry pot design promotes turbulence
  • A narrow footprint saves wall space
  • The 6-head version available in electric, same platform and footprint
  • Pressure assist option available for small product loads. (Only in non-CE countries, and not available on PFE651 fryers)


  • PFE-500 4-Head Electric Pressure Fryer
  • PFE-561 6-Head Electric Pressure Fryer
  • PFG-600 4-Head Gas Pressure Fryer

The Henny Penny PFG 691 and its electric counterpart, PFE 591, are commercial fried chicken machines for high-volume operators. High-volume operators want two things: reliability and throughput. These legacy high-volume pressure fryers deliver on both.

These pressure fryers can cook up to 24 lbs of chicken in a small space and have a fast recovery time. Substantial savings in time, labor, frying oil, and energy are all benefits the operator can enjoy. The patented counterbalance lift system makes opening and lifting the fried foods from the fryer a snap. Half racks make loading and unloading the fryer efficient and allow for evenly fried loads.

Each Henny Penny high-volume pressure fryer, has the advanced Computron 8000 control. Built-In filtration is standard on both units.


  • 8-head chicken or 24 lb (11 kg) of food per load
  • Quick recovery in electric and gas models
  • Gas models: dependable draft-induced heat transfer mechanism with solid-state ignition
  • Accommodates standard half-racks to reduce product handling
  • The counterweight lid remains locked until the pressure decreases to 1 psi.
  • Built in filtration system
  • Advanced computer controls with numerous features
  • Fully insulated, robust stainless steel frying pot with a 7-year guarantee
  • The rectangular design of the fry pot encourages turbulence for uniform cooking
  • Counter balanced lid lift system
  • Filter rinse hose attachment


  • PFE-581 8-Head Electric Pressure Fryer
  • PFE-691 8-Head Gas Pressure Fryer

Henny Penny Velocity PXE-100 Pressure Fryer

The revolutionary Velocity Series is the next-generation, feature-rich, high-volume pressure fryer from Henny Penny. Henny Penny PXE-100 Velocity pressure fryer substantially prolongs your oil's lifespan, reducing the total expense of high-volume frying. It is also effortless to use and maintain, so you'll save on labor and service.

Velocity Series pressure fryers cook the same amount of chicken as the legacy PFE-581 high-volume pressure fryer. However, the big difference is it uses 25% less oil on fill than the PFE-581! Less cooking oil in the fry vat leads to quicker recovery and significant energy conservation.

This pressure fryer saves on cooking oil and takes oil savings to a new level. An entirely innovative, automated filtering system cleanses food debris down the drain and purifies the oil after each cooking cycle. The quick filtering takes about the same amount of time to rack the next load for frying.

With the feature of automatic oil top-off, the user doesn't need to concern themselves with replenishing oil. This new and used oil infusion keeps the cooking oil at its optimum frying sweet spot. Constantly frying in the right amount of cooking oil improves the quality of fried foods. 

The Henny Penny Velocity Series pressure fryer uses less oil, filters automatically, and replenishes oil automatically. It can make oil last an industry leading 300% longer than our old high-capacity model!


  • Fries 8-head chicken using 25% less oil compared to other large-capacity fryers
  • Automatically refills oil from the built-in reservoir to eliminate manual refilling and reducing waste.
  • Auto-filters after each cooking cycle, including oil jets for pot rinsing.
  • Features automatic pressure lock, with lock status tracking
  • Touch/tap controls for up to 160 cooking programs, pressure lock status, comprehensive frying and cooking management features, USB port
  • The patented counterbalanced lid lift system allows for easy operation with one hand.
  • High-efficiency heating for quick recovery
  • Durable stainless steel fry pot with a 7-year warranty
  • Seamless deck with rounded corners, recessed pressure dead-weight
  • A lower deck designed for convenient racking


  • PXE-100 8-Head Electric Pressure Fryer


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