Henny Penny Start-Up And Training

Get the most from your new investment!

You have invested in a piece of equipment that you plan to own for a long time so, do you want to trust the start-up and training to just anyone? Do you want the equipment to work at its peak performance? Would you like to have your staff understand how the new equipment works and the benefits of doing things the way as intended to give you the best return on your investment?

Our Henny Penny Technicians are factory trained and certified. They have the training and expertise to ensure that your new piece of equipment is started up and operating as engineered. A professional start-up brings confidence, knowing that all system parameters are functioning correctly and safely and is ready to produce quality foods.

Our in-depth training process will provide your staff the confidence they need to use the piece of equipment efficiently, effectively, and safely. We train on all aspects of the equipment, from operational use to cleaning and routine maintenance. Before we leave, we will ensure everyone is entirely comfortable using the new equipment.