Henny Penny Breadings

Homemade Spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich with French Fries

Adding breading to foods before frying or baking will enhance the flavor and texture and could be the ultimate signature on your prepared foods. While it is essential to evaluate and choose breadings wisely, Henny Penny offers a core collection of delicious breading formulations for every taste preference, menu option, and health concern. Henny Penny Breadings each are blended exclusively for Henny Penny fyers and combi ovens and packaged for convenience and economy.


Balanced seasoning and flavor for a well-rounded and complete taste with a soft texture – not crispy. It’s what you expect when you think of fried chicken. Salty, but not crunchy.

  • Order Number 07300
    45lb (20.4 kg) bulk case
  • Order Number 07150
    35lb (15.9 kg) bag

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A well-balanced breading, similar in character to Regular PHT with selectively added seasonings for additional flavor.


A slightly milder version of the Regular PHT breading. Nice golden color and traditional texture.

A blend of seasonings that produces the look and taste of traditional southern fried chicken. Visible pepper, a bit lighter in color with a slightly softer crust.