About The Henny Penny Corporation

Since 1957, the Henny Penny Corporation has been a leading US manufacturer of high-quality food equipment for the foodservice industry. A tremendous commitment to excellence is hand-crafted into every durable, industry-leading Henny Penny product produced. What drives the commitment are the over 1000 worldwide employee-owners who have a personal stake in delivering satisfaction.

Henny Penny's worldwide corporate office, located in Eaton, Ohio, carries out engineering, manufacturing, customer service and tech support. In 1957, a small hometown restaurant owner had a dream and created the first pressure fryer. Today, Henny Penny offers premium foodservice equipment aimed to help operators optimize their commercial cooking operations.

Henny Penny commercial kitchen equipment products include: pressure fryers, open fryers, combi- ovens and heated holding cabinets. Other products lines include chicken breading, Prime cleaners, Prime oil extender and products to support frying and holding operations. Henny Penny designs solutions that improve profitability while reducing long term cost of ownership.

These products and complete start-up, training, technical service and Henny Penny OEM parts are available through Henny Penny distributors worldwide. The distributor network allows Henny Penny the ability to serve on a direct level, the competition can't match. Each exclusive distributor serves as a single point of contact for all of your needs. From menu development to personalized service after the sale Henny Penny equipment distributors stand ready to provide support.

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Your Carolina Henny Penny Distributor

Henny Penny products from the exclusive North Carolina and South Carolina Henny Penny distributor

Since 1978, Price Davis has proudly served as the sole Henny Penny distributor for North Carolina and South Carolina. As a distributor, we are a single point of contact for all your Henny Penny equipment and service needs. Our Henny Penny mission is to build lasting relationships by delivery quality products and services.

In the South, there is no doubt about it, fried chicken is a staple. Not only is it mouthwatering delicious, but very profitable to those who can master producing it. Our founders saw an opportunity to help convenience stores and supermarkets grow their businesses with a new profitable concept. They started Price Davis to grow this vision and began rolling out Henny Penny chicken delis throughout the Carolinas.

Our passion is helping our clients with solutions to overcome real issues that affect their goals. Working together with our customer partners means building real relationships. We understand everyone's needs are different.

We carefully analyze each opportunity to understand business needs, strategic changes, menu updates, and overall improvements in the kitchen. This helps us choose the best equipment solution, whether it's Henny Penny or something else. In the end, it's about doing what is right for our customers, today and for years to come.

We can assist you if you need Henny Penny equipment. We can also support you if you want to change or add a menu item. Additionally, if you need a Henny Penny service provider, we're here to help you with that as well.

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Price Davis Henny Penny Distributor Services

  • On-Site Analysis
  • AutoCAD kitchen design
  • Henny Penny Product Sales
  • Warehousing and Staging
  • Henny Penny Prime Installation
  • Start-Up
  • Employee Training
  • Henny Penny Repair Service
  • Service Tech Training
  • Henny Penny Parts
  • Henny Penny Breading
  • Demo and Test Kitchen
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
Henny Penny service technician looking at a Henny Penny fryer