Equipment Installation

Fixtures and Equipment Set Up - Made Ready To Use

Having professionally installed equipment can make a tremendous difference with the appearance and ease of operation of newly purchased store fixtures or foodservice and beverage equipment. Save time and money by leaving the installation to the professionals. With our hassle-free delivery service, we take great care to deliver equipment on our fleet of delivery vehicles when needed and not have it show up and left at the front door for someone else to handle.  

Our expert installation team will carefully unload the delivery vehicles, unpack or uncrate everything, remove any protective film, and inspect for concealed damages. Our team will then assemble everything and set the equipment in the proper location. Before leaving the job site, we remove all the packaging and crating materials from the premises, leaving no trash for disposal. If we are replacing equipment, we can even remove and dispose of the old fixtures or equipment!

To conclude the installation, we perform a multi-point inspection of the delivery and installation to ensure everything is delivered and installed correctly

Refrigeration Installation

Worry Free Refrigeration - So Food And Beverages Stay Cold

When it comes to building and cooling refrigerated spaces, installing ice machines, or any other refrigerated piece of equipment or remote refrigeration system, look no further than Price-Davis. As a licensed refrigeration contractor, we can take just about any space and make it cold! Whether you are merchandising cold beverages, frozen foods, or needing refrigerated storage in your commercial kitchen, we can create a refrigerated environment for the application.

Our professional, licensed installers will build the cooler or freezer structure, install the refrigerant lines, and install the refrigeration system. We pressure test every installation to ensure no system leaks before charging with Freon and unit start-up. Our work is meticulous, and the attention to the little details separates us from others and will provide you with a hassle-free system.

Beverage Equipment Installation

Improve Profit Margins With Properly Installed Dispensed Beverages

Fountain beverage and frozen carbonated beverage (FCB) systems provide operators with tremendous profits when installed and operating correctly. Installation of these systems can be somewhat complicated depending on the number of dispensed flavors and the location where the dispenser and the supporting back-room equipment needed to store racks, syrup, CO2, and the pumps to dispense beverages properly.

Our team of trained beverage equipment installation technicians will run all beverage tubing and provide a clean installation of all of the components needed to make the system fully operational. We will start-up the system and brix all the flavors so the consumer will pour great-tasting carbonated and frozen beverages.