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Henny Penny Open Fryers
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Henny Penny is the leading company for open fryer innovation, offering reliable gas and electric fryers for demanding commercial kitchens everywhere. Henny Penny engineers, manufacturer and assembles all commercial fryers in Eaton, Ohio, USA using high-quality stainless steel and expert craftmanship. Foodservice operators worldwide trust Henny Penny commercial open fryers for their durability, reliability, consistency, oil savings and ease of use.

A major benefit of owning a Henny Penny commercial fryer is the savings achieved from using less oil. Each Henny Penny fryer has a built-in oil filtration making frying oil last longer and ensuring safety and convenience.

Henny Penny is the top choice for demanding kitchens worldwide. It is an energy-saving, long-lasting, and dependable deep fryer that is a true workhorse in the kitchen.

Why Choose An Open Fryer

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Commercial kitchens almost everywhere commonly have open gas fryers or electric fryers. From fast food restaurants to food trucks, open fryers cook various types of foods in a vat of hot cooking oil. Some examples include breaded and battered dishes like fried chicken or fish. Freezer to fryer items such as french-fries, onion rings and other fried appetizers are customer favorites.

There are several reasons to choose an open fryer: unlike pressure fryers, they make food crispier, and offers customized options. Open fryers are very versatile and almost necessary to meet the high demand for fried foods. Use it to diversify your menu and boost sales with tasty fried appetizers, main dishes, sides, and desserts.

There are many different styles and configurations of open fryers in the market today. Open fryers are available in electric and gas countertop and floor models each with a number of vat configurations. Vats may have a deep cold zone for foods that have a lot of particle fall-off. Others may be shallow with a flat bottom for foods that float while frying.

Our frying experts are here to help make the right open fryer model choice for your commercial kitchen. By studying and understanding the goals. we can help improve savings on cooking oil, food quality and throughput.

Commercial Open Fryer Models

Henny Penny 320 Series Open Fryer

The Henny Penny 320 series open fryer is a great deep fat fryer for fresh breaded products. This Henny Penny open fryer model has a deep cold zone and offers amazing fast recovery all while being energy efficient. This durable line of high efficiency deep fat fryers are available in 1, 2, or 3-well, full and spit vat configurations. Henny Penny deep fat fryers are available in electric, natural gas, and LP gas and all have the Energy Star rating.

Other product features on the Henny Penny commercial deep fryer includes two styles of easy to use controls. For operators who look for basic time and temperature controls the Computron 1000 is a great fit. For operators looking for full control of their frying operation, the Computron 8000 control is ideal. This control offers programmable buttons for menu items as well as oil management features.

The standard, built-in filtration on Henny Penny deep fryers extend oil life and takes just minutes to filter oil. Greater consistency and a better tasting fried foods are a result from active cooking oil filtration.

Available Models

Henny Penny Electric Open Fryers

  • OFE 321 1-Well
  • OFE 322 2-Well
  • OFE 323 3-Well

Electric Open Fryers with Autolift

  • OEA 321 1-Well
  • OEA 322 2-Well
  • OEA 323 3-Well

Henny Penny Gas Open Fryers

  • OFG 321 1-Well
  • OFG 322 2-Well
  • OFG 323 3-Well

Gas Open Fryers with Autolift

  • OGA 321 1-Well
  • OGA 322 2-Well
  • OGA 323 3-Well

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Henny Penny 340 Series Open Fryer with Autolift

The Henny Penny 340 Series open fryer is a serious workhorse fryer used in high volume frying applications. Each 18" wide vat is shallower which maximizes surface area for more consistent results with large loads that float. Crispy chicken, chicken wings, poppers and veggies are all perfect foods to fry with reliable production and higher throughput.

The Henny Penny 340 series open fryers use the same Computron 1000 and 8000 controls as the 320 Series Fryer. Each fryer model is available in 1-well and 2-well configurations with built-in oil filtration for oil savings.

Available Models

Henny Penny Electric Open Fryers

  • OFE 341 1-Well
  • OFE 342 2-Well

Electric Open Fryers with Autolift

  • OEA 341 1-Well
  • OEA 342 2-Well

Henny Penny Gas Open Fryers

  • OFG 341 1-Well
  • OFG 342 2-Well

Gas Open Fryers with Autolift

  • OGA 341 1-Well
  • OGA 342 2-Well


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Henny Penny High Volume Open Fryer

The Henny Penny high-volume fryers are best suited for preparing large batches of bone-in chicken. Each fryer features a racking system for easier product loading and unloading. With the ability to cook 8 chicken heads or 21lbs of food, and quick recovery time, this is major frying throughput!

Each high-volume fryer comes with the feature rich Computron 8000 controls and with a built-in oil filtration system. The heavy duty stainless steel fry pot has full insulation and includes a 7-year fry pot warranty.

When you have a need to make a large amount of crispy chicken, opt for Henny Penny High Volume fryers.

Available Models

Henny Penny High Volume Electric Open Fryers

  • OFE 291

Henny Penny High Volume Gas Open Fryers

  • OFE 391

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Henny Penny Velocity Series Open Fryer

The Henny Penny Velocity series open fryer is a modern marvel. Henny Penny's innovation created a high-volume open fryer aimed to address the concerns of rising oil and labor costs. The Velocity is a proven success for high-volume frying operations.

This fryer cooks an industry leading 8 head, or 24lb., of freshly breaded, bone-in chicken. This is roughly the same production as the legacy 8 head fryers but in 25% less oil!

Not only does this fryer save oil on the initial fill, the built-in automatic filtration helps save even more! The automatic filtration partially drains and rinses the oil after every cook process. While unloading and loading new racks, the fryer filters the oil and recovers, making it ready for the next batch.

The Velocity's Automatic top off feature monitors oil levels and replenishes from the onboard reservoir during the filter process. This infusion of fresh oil, mixed with the filtered oil really gives the oil new life. Extend oil life by 300-400%!

The Velocity is a good frying choice that saves oil, manpower, and cooking time when making crispy fried foods.

Available Models

Henny Penny Velocity Open Fryers

  • OXE 100 Electric Open Fryer

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