Henny Penny Prime Installation

So you have made a sound investment with Henny Penny that will produce great returns for many years to come. To achieve optimal results and equipment longevity, it all begins with a sound, proper installation. How do you ensure that kitchen conditions are perfect before receiving your new Henny Penny equipment? Prime Installation.

Prime Installation is a proactive, thorough process where we look at the kitchen and its surroundings to determine the current conditions. We look at egress, spacing, and utilities taking note and communicating what needs to be updated to ensure the site is 100% ready for installation when the equipment arrives.

We also take the time to uncrate and check the equipment when it arrives at our facility. We look for uneventful shipment damages and take steps to correct any issues. We ensure all components and accessories are present. We also take care to load the equipment on of our service vehicles to be delivered conveniently for you.

After a professional installation, we then conduct a thorough hands-on training with your team. By going over the full functionality, operations, cleaning, and routine maintenance, we aim to make the staff knowledgeable and comfortable with the new equipment. 

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