Broasted or Pressure Fried Chicken? Is there a Difference?

Broasted Chicken wings or Pressure Fried Chicken wings on a plate with ranch dressing

When it comes to fried chicken, you may be very familiar with Broasted chicken (and love it). That may depend on what part of the country you are from. In other parts of the country, those familiar with golden, juicy fried chicken may be familiar with the term pressure fried chicken. So what exactly is the difference between broasted and pressure-fried chicken?

For those who have not heard of broasted chicken, or you may have heard of it but still wonder about the “broasted” part. Or, you might have no idea what we are talking about yet. Don’t worry, Henny Penny will explain it all!

For the sake of anyone who hasn’t heard of it, we’ll give you the short answer first. Broasted chicken is fresh breaded chicken cooked in a pressure fryer. So, what is the difference between broasted and pressure fried chicken? The answer might surprise you!

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