Henny Penny Holding Equipment

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Henny Penny manufactures durable heated holding equipment used today by several of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Their line of holding cabinets, modular holding units and display counter warmers offer the features foodservice operators are looking for and the quality they expect.

Henny Penny stands for durability, and each cabinet's high-quality 300 series stainless steel construction will provide many years of operation. Also, they include insulated walls, control module, doors, and a tight seal perimeter gasket for energy efficiency. The insulated doors close automatically and can stay open more than 90 degrees for easy loading and unloading for improved productivity.

Trust a partner with a proven track record in hot food holding. Henny Penny hot holding equipment will deliver great holding times with the quality, flavorful foods your customers love you for.

Golden Juicy Pressure Fried Chicken Tenders on a Rack

Why Choose Holding Equipment

Pan of fried chicken being placed into a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet

Having reliable heated holding equipment is essential to any foodservice operation to help manage their most valuable resource - time. Henny Penny's line of hot holding equipment keeps foods hot and ready to serve until needed, allowing employees time to prepare food and perform other tasks in the kitchen in anticipation of the impending dinner rush. Batch cooking and hot food holding will allow faster serving times during peak demand.

Equipment Models

Henny Penny SmartHold Holding Cabinet

Henny Penny SmartHold holding cabinets keep hot food fresh for a long time by creating and maintaining the perfect conditions. The patented automatic humidity control system measures and maintains humidity in one-percent increments from 10% to 90% relative humidity. With such precise control, operators can average longer holding times than ever without sacrificing freshness or presentation. SmartHold cabinets are great for holding and proofing within a single piece of equipment.


  • The system automatically controls the humidity level between 10% and 90%.
  • Automated systems vent.
  • Recessed heated water pan with a 3-gallon capacity
  • Water fill is automatic (980 Series)
  • Programmable countdown timers are available in 5 for half-size and 15 for full-size.
  • Continuous digital display of humidity/temperature
  • Proofing mode is available (990 Series)
  • Display of food probe temperature
  • The doors, sidewalls, and control module have full insulation.


  • HHC 990 - Full size holding cabinet
  • HHC 992 - Stacked holding cabinet
  • HHC 993 - Half size holding cabinet
  • HHC 980 - Full-size holding cabinet

Henny Penny produces the Heated Holding Cabinet series, designed to store substantial amounts of pressure-fried chicken for extended durations. Dual fans spread warm, moist air evenly to keep food fresh and juicy at the proper serving temperature without affecting quality.


  • Option for standard, programmable countdown timer or Henny Penny SimpleHold control
  • Two robust fan motors, aerated side shelves
  • Completely insulated doors, side panels, and control unit for energy conservation
  • You can choose solid doors or glass doors.
  • Doors that close automatically stay open past 90 degrees
  • Partial pan removal for convenient loading and unloading
  • Optional water pan with a capacity of 1.0 gal (3.8 L)
  • Stackable full-size (13 pans) and half-size (5 pans)
  • Offered with acrylic flip-up doors


  • HHC 900 - Full-size holding cabinet
  • HHC 902 - Stacked holding cabinet
  • HHC 903 - Half-size holding cabinet

Henny Penny multi-purpose modular holding warmers are small and versatile. They can be placed on counters, stacked, or placed side by side. Modular holding is excellent for storing small amounts of food on busy production lines, ensuring safety and convenience. Modular holding cabinets improve productivity by providing instant availability of popular items.

  • Units can be stacked or placed side by side in any configuration
  • Single-unit molded drawer pans made of durable thermoplastic
  • Double-access models feature drawer pans accessible from both ends
  • Configurable touch-pad controls featuring temperature readout
  • Individual temperature controlled for each level


  • MPC 1L - Single Tier
  • MPC 21L - Single Tier, dual access
  • MPC 22 - Two Tier
  • MPC 222 - Two tier, front and rear access

Henny Penny single tier and two-tier Display Counter Warmers

Henny Penny has engineered a comprehensive range of display counter warmers to hold and display hot fresh food. They are perfect for stimulating impulse purchases of hot food at the point of sale in retail foodservice businesses. Henny Penny's display counter warmers are strong, made of stainless steel, easy to maintain, and durable.

Offering both service and pass-through options

  • Available in single and double-tier
  • Features both upper and lower heating
  • Comes with tempered glass (CW)
  • Includes acrylic flip-up doors (HCW)
  • Equipped with a water well for humidity


Countertop Warmers

  • CW 114 - single tier
  • CW 216 - double tier
  • HCW 3 - single tier
  • HCS 5 - single tier
  • HCW 5 - double tier
  • HCW 8 - double tier

Bun Warmers

  • BW 100


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