Henny Penny Supplies

A complete line of products to enhance your Henny Penny experience.

To improve frying and combi cooking operations, Henny Penny has available cleaners and oil management products. Henny Penny Prime Cleaner, Prime Filter Powder, and Filter Pads are all designed to maintain equipment uptime, decrease oil usage, and reduce labor costs associated with cleaning. 

Henny Penny also offers several breadings and seasonings crafted exclusively for Henny Penny fryers, combis, and rotisseries, bulk packaged for convenience and economy. 

We maintain an inventory of various breadings, marinades, and mixes to aid in developing new menu items. We also stock different filtration media products, Prime Cleaner and Prime Filter Powder, for immediate shipment.

Contact us today to learn how Henny Penny Prime Products and other supply items can enhance your foodservice operation.