For more than 35 years, Royston has been the industry leader in the advanced design and manufacture of first-class store interiors for convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other foodservice segments. Additionally, since the early 1990s, Price Davis, one of the oldest Royston distributors, has delivered Royston’s quality and innovation to customers throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.

Whether a new store or remodel, count on Royston to manufacture the very best retail space products. In short, Royston is the best-in-class manufacturer of merchandising fixtures for the retail environment.

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Royston Products

As most industry professionals are aware, beverages provide one of the highest-margin products for retailers. For this reason, Royston modular metal cabinets deliver ample opportunity for retailers to capture their customers’ attention with striking color, texture, graphics, and laminate combinations. As such, Royston produces designs that will leave a lasting, favorable impression on the customers’ shopping experience!

Royston modular merchandising systems have total flexibility, many choices, and multiple product placement options. As an illustration, specialty merchandisers create more-effective displays, using less space, promoting browsing and impulse buying. Additionally, 3-way & 4-way Merchandisers, Candy/Gum Shelves, Magazine Rack, Get & Go, and the Impulse Merchandiser fit more SKUs in less floor space to maximize sales.

The versatility of the Royston tobacco modular systems allows for easy reconfiguration at a moment’s notice. To illustrate, adding and removing shelves as needs dictate in the convenience store market. Additionally, displays have pull-out shelves to maximize clerk efficiency; adjustable multi-position pushers; standard locking drawers; and other highly versatile merchandising capabilities.

Royston pastry cases are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Notably, self-serve cases are a great way to attract customers and reduce labor costs. Not to mention, adjustable shelves, easy three-sided viewing, available lighting, and integrated POP holders allow operators the flexibility to customize the display. Finally, Royston pastry cases are available in a variety of organizer cabinets for floor models, or case-only displays for existing countertops.

Royston manufacturers freestanding heated merchandisers that deliver the ideal mix of utility and clean, modern design. To illustrate, having a compact footprint, the heated merchandisers guarantees optimal use of valuable retail space. Food, attractively showcased, is easy to reach, and stays at just the right temperature. Likewise, with a variety of designs, the Royston heated merchandiser can adapt to retailers changing needs.