Cookshack is a manufacturer of electric smoker ovens, pellet-fired smoker ovens, charbroilers, pellet grills and a NEW wood-burning pizza oven. Additionally, Cookshack provides other related smoking products such as accessories, wood, pellets, barbecue sauces, spices and business solutions.

With Cookshack products, food is smoke-cooked over natural wood for authentic smoke flavor without the hassles of a traditional pit, resulting in excellent smoke flavor with minimal shrinkage.

Cookshack SmartSmoker® ovens better product quality, ease of use, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and small footprint have made them a popular choice with chefs, restaurant owners, food trucks, delis, caterers, kitchen managers, meat processors, and other foodservice professionals for more than 50 years.


Cookshack Products


The most versatile cooker in commercial kitchen equipment, Cookshack SmartSmokers® produce delicious low-n-slow barbecue, a variety of cold smoked meats and cheeses, or be used as a standard oven when used without wood. Saving money and increasing profits has never been easier.

Pellet-Fired Fixed Shelf Smokers

Fast Eddy’sTM by Cookshack Fixed-shelf
Smokers are 100% wood-burning, pellet-fired ovens. They are quick to start, feature rapid heat recovery, and are easy to use and maintain. These smokers have a small footprint and fit through a standard door. They feature an offset firebox and a convection fan to circulate smoke and heat for steady temperatures throughout the unit.

Pellet-Fired Rotisserie Smokers

Fast Eddy’sTM by Cookshack Rotisserie Smokers are 100% wood-burning, pellet-fired ovens. They are quick to start, feature rapid heat recovery, and are easy to use and maintain. Equally efficient to use in a restaurant, catering operation, or on the barbecue circuit, these smokers meet the requirements for all known barbecue competition sanctioning bodies. With 100% Stainless steel interior and exterior plus fiberglass insulation, FEC Rotisserie units maintain heat and stay cool to the touch.

Pellet-Fired Charbroilers

The Cookshack Charbroiler’s electronically-controlled pellet-cooking system keeps the charbroiler cooking at a consistent temperature while creating that wonderful wood-grilled flavor that people love. The system is fueled by 100% food-grade wood pellets, introduced into its “firepot” by an auger that requires only a small amount of electricity to operate.

Wood-burning pizza oven

Cookshack introduces the first commercial pellet-fired, wood-burning pizza oven. Hand-crafted, artisan pizza has never been easier or tasted so good!

Fast: A handcrafted pizza cooked over real wood flames is ready in just 3 minutes.

Easy: No need to turn the pizza or manage a fire with this pizza oven’s advanced controls. The technology you already love has been upgraded to deliver brick oven flavor with the press of a button.

Consistent: Temperature variances are almost non-existent with the same technology we use in our pellet grills.

Versatile: The temperature range of 170°F-900°F means this oven is not limited to pizza alone. Give authentic flavor to calzones, quesadillas, Stromboli, desserts and much more.

Convenient: One of the primary benefits of the Cookshack Pizza Oven is its size. Most wood-fired pizza ovens are bulky or need to be left outside. With the PZ400, there is no need to remodel an entire kitchen to add gourmet pizza since it can be installed under a standard commercial hood.

Cookshack Accessories

From SmartSmoker® Smokehoods to rotisserie trailers, rib racks, meat probes, cold smoke kits and much more, Cookshack has the right smoker accessory to complete your smoker package.

Cookshack sauces, spice blends, and rubs are original recipes developed by Gene and Judy Ellis over 50 years ago. Use them to create a true pit-smoked barbecue flavor profile. These products are blends of spices and herbs to enhance the flavor of the meat.

Use Cookshack Barbecue Sauces to create a true pit-smoked barbecue flavor profile. Our smoky, tomato-based sauces are not hot but have flavorful, spicy tastes. Use them on everything from eggs to brisket. All barbecue sauce is packaged in individual 20 oz. bottles, cases of 12/20 oz. bottles, 1-gallon plastic jugs or 4/1 gallon plastic jugs.

Smoking Wood Pellets

100% food-grade wood pellets are the fuel source for the Cookshack Charbroilers and Fast Eddy’sTM by Cookshack smoker ovens. Adding pellets to an electric smoker instead of wood chunks will undoubtedly produce adequate smoke flavor. Hickory, mesquite, oak, and fruitwood are available in 20 lb. bags.

Smoking Wood Chunks
Cookshack smoking wood chunks have been split into 2 to 4-ounce pieces including natural bark. For consumer safety and a clean burn, they have not been chemically treated. Wood chunks are sized to fit in the Cookshack’s wood box. Mesquite, apple, and cherry are available in 10and 20 lb. boxes. Hickory is available in 10, 20, and 40 lb. boxes.