Great Water Quality Equals Better Tasting Foods and Beverages...
And Less Equipment Troubles!

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3M Commercial Food Service Water Filtration

Unfiltered water can lead to inconvenient equipment failures and undesirable food and beverages. As a result, successful foodservice operators protect their investments by implementing water filtration systems that remove impurities that cause problems. Lower equipment maintenance costs, improved drink, and food quality are proven results from having clean, crystal clear and consistent water.

As a distributor of 3M Commercial Foodservice Water Filtration products, we keep various systems and cartridges in stock, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Also, we help determine the right solution to counter water problems such as Chloramines, cysts, bacteria, sediment, rust, scale, and chlorine taste and odor. Helping our clients combat the harmful effects of water means greater equipment uptime and better-tasting beverages.

3M Water Filtration Products

Specialty coffees, coffee-based beverages, and specialty tea consumption are increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, operators of coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores are beginning to recognize the importance of water quality. Besides, delivering these profitable products in a consistent and quality manner offers a point of differentiation.

3M’s water filtration system for hot beverages is designed to help maintain coffee and tea clarity, consistency, and flavor. Also, providing more prolonged periods of maintenance free and efficient brewing machine operations. Improved hot beverages and streamlined daily processes begin with a coffee water filtration unit from 3M.

Cold beverage dispensers in convenience stores, restaurants, and quick-service operations often are the most profitable part of the business. For that reason, keeping the beverage products right to their original recipe is essential. Implementing A 3M Sanitary Quick Change Fountain Beverage Water Filtration system is critical. As such, these systems help reduce sediment and chlorine taste and odor. The results are great tasting, refreshing beverages that keep customers coming back for more.

Steamers and combi-ovens are some of the most expensive pieces of equipment to maintain in any foodservice operation. Prevent costly repairs from poor water quality and scale build-up can by using an adequate water filter system. 3M reverse osmosis water filtration units are designed for the reduction of scale and can stop problems before they start. In short, improve kitchen operations and optimize maintenance and operation budgets with reverse osmosis water filtration systems from 3M.

Many ice machine equipment failures and costly repairs are the result of poor water quality. Also, water impurities from ice production produce ice that melts faster and creates drinks that are more diluted and undesirable. 3M water filtration systems provide built-in scale inhibition as well as chlorine taste and odor and sediment reduction. After all, having good water keeps ice machines running efficiently, producing great ice that keeps customers coming back for more!