Henny Penny 12102 PHT Filter Envelope


Henny Penny 12102 PHT Filter Envelopes keep your frying oil performing at a high level – that is, keep it clean by removing the large particulates that are a result of fall-off from the frying process. These particulates are actual food particles, breading or batter that are fried over and over, turning them into little time bombs that degrade oil over time. Filtering frying oil several times throughout the day will make a all the difference in the life of the oil, as well as the quality, making fried foods very tasty.

Filtering frying oil is made easy with built-in oil filtration on all Henny Penny fryers. The Henny Penny 12102 PHT Filter Envelope is a fantastic, once a day use envelope, that will capture larger particulates down to 70 microns. It’s perfect for fried foods that have heavy fall-off like fried chicken.

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Henny Penny 12102 PHT Filter Envelopes

  • Package: Box of 100 envelopes
  • Size: 13.50 x 20.50 in (343 x 521 mm)
  • Construction: Rayon/cotton fiber
  • Thickness: 0.014 in (0.38 mm) x 2 layers
  • Particle Retention: >70 microns

Henny Penny 12102 PHT Filter Envelopes are perfect for the following Henny Penny Open and Pressure Fryer Models

  • 320 Series open fryer
  • 340 Series open fryer
  • 140 Series open fryer
  • 4-6 head pressure fryer
  • Velocity pressure/open fryer
  • 8-head pressure/open fryer



Henny Penny Filter Media

Henny Penny Filter Media

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