Henny Penny Open Fryers


Henny Penny Open Fryers are found in some of the most high-volume, demanding kitchens in the foodservice industry. The reason is simple; they perform and last. With standard features such as built-in oil filtration, incredible fast recovery, and hand-crafted quality, Henny Penny open fryers make the frying operation simple, efficient, and profitable.

Open Fryer Models

Cooking better food with less oil— that is the inspiration behind the innovative Evolution Elite® open fryer from Henny Penny. This revolutionary family of reduced oil capacity fryers uses 40% less oil than regular open fryers. Also, the combination of filtering any vat at any time with the simple touch-button controls, and the automatic top-off feature, extends oil life and saving operators even more on oil. Fast recovery, automatic oil top-off, and easy-to-use controls mean saving time, energy, and labor with every load.

The Henny Penny Evolution Elite is not just an advanced fryer; it raises frying to a whole new order of quality, simplicity, and cost management.

Henny Penny 320 Series open fryers are designed to be the real workhorse in the kitchen and among the most reliable and energy-efficient in the business. Additionally, the 320 Series can be configured in different ways with full or split vats, auto lift capability and simple, or advanced controls to best match the menu and volume. Moreover, the high-performance multi-well frying, easy programmable operation, fast temperature recovery, built-in filtration are all standard features.

Discover how the 320 Series from Henny Penny adds continuing value to your frying operation with a variety of standard features and around-the-clock reliability.

Henny Penny 340 Series large-capacity open fryers feature a specially-designed vat that strikes the ideal balance between frying surface area and fryer size. The 340 Series’ wider, shallower fry vat maximizes surface area to volume for more consistent frying results with items that float while cooking. Powerful, efficient heating elements and burner technology mean incredibly reliable production, with higher throughput, lower energy costs, and longer frying oil life. Built-in filtration makes it fast, convenient and safer to keep oil fresh and product quality at its highest.

If there is a whole lot of crispy chicken, wings, poppers, and veggies to fry, the mighty 340 Series will keep up with the demand and produce high-quality fried foods.

Crispy fried chicken is as popular as ever with consumers today and having a fryer that meets high-volume demands is essential. Moreover, that is what the Henny Penny OFG 391 gas open fryer is all about. It is the only gas open fryer on the market with the capacity to cook up to 21 pounds (9.5 kg) of delicious, fried foods in a single load. Plus, Henny Penny’s highly reliable heat transfer means fast recovery, higher throughput, and less downtime means there will never be a wait. Additionally, all day long the OFG 391 will save on frying oil, energy usage, labor, and critical floor space under the hood compared to an equivalent number of smaller fryers from other manufacturers.

It is easy to use, too. Standard features include touchpad controls that are programmable, patented counter-balanced rack lift, and half-racks that can go straight from the fryer into the holding cabinet without re-racking.

Henny Penny’s Velocity Series™ fryer can fry up to 24 lb. of food in 25% less oil per pound. As a result, the Velocity Series™ sets a new standard for performance and savings. The Velocity Series™ is an entirely new pressure fryer, designed from the floor up to lower the cost of high volume frying dramatically. How? This fryer automatically filters the oil after every cooking cycle in about the time it takes to rack the next load. Oil level is monitored and replenished automatically to extend oil life and improve product quality.

Huge savings are in oil. With Velocity, you can get nearly four times the oil life and reduce oil discards by 80%! That means lower labor costs and happier employees, too. However, it gets better for you and them: The Velocity Series is smaller, easier to use, and easier to keep clean than our legacy high-volume pressure fryer. Plus, brand new touch/tap control, new pressure lock design, lower deck and easy, one-handed lid lift mechanism. Check it out.