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Henny Penny manufactures durable and dependable heated holding equipment used today by several of the biggest restaurant chains in the world. Henny Penny's line of heated holding equipment offers foodservice operators the options they are looking for and the quality they expect, whether it's the precise control of the SmartHold® or the flexibility of the countertop models. Henny Penny's heated holding equipment keeps practically any menu item hot and tasty until serving, allowing foodservice operators to be ready for peak demand times.


Why Choose Holding Equipment


Having reliable heated holding equipment is essential to any foodservice operation to help manage their most valuable resource - time. Henny Penny's line of hot holding equipment keeps foods hot and ready to serve until needed, allowing employees time to prepare food and perform other tasks in the kitchen in anticipation of the impending dinner rush. Batch cooking and hot food holding will allow faster serving times during peak demand.

Equipment Models

The key to longer holding times? Precise humidity control. Henny Penny SmartHold® creates the perfect conditions for holding almost any food up to 200% longer than most holding cabinets. Click here to learn more.

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Originally developed to hold large quantities of pressure-fried chicken for long periods without sacrificing freshness or presentation. They do the same for almost any menu item. Click here to learn more.

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Keep hot food safe, handy and ready to pack or serve. Multiple drawer pan configurations or single drawer modules operate separately or combined as two, three or four-drawer units. Click here to learn more.

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