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With combi ovens designed to ensure even cooking and easy to clean, Henny Penny's line of combi ovens is helping operators prepare more tasty favorites than ever and spend less precious time cleaning up afterward. Henny Penny combi ovens offer you more capacity than ever - up to 100% more when you use the innovative FlexiRack system! Cleaning is a sinch with the easy-to-use automatic WaveClean cleaning system. And with Henny Penny's boilerless DynaSteam2™ system, moisture is spread evenly through the oven cavity, ensuring deliciously cooked foods without costly boiler delaying service.


Why Choose a Combi Oven

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In high-volume kitchens where space is a premium and menu choices are varied and often change, combi ovens are a go-to for cooking equipment with lots of versatility. By combining the ability to do multiple cooking functions in one stand-alone unit, valuable floor space is better utilized, eliminating the need to have different pieces of cooking equipment. Combi ovens maximize the use of convection cooking, steaming, or a combination of both to improve the speed, quality, and yield of finished foods.

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The Henny Penny FlexFusion Platinum Series combi oven delivers state-of-the-art capability with the Chef’s Touch control system — putting more power in your hands so you can take full advantage of Henny Penny’s latest innovations. Click here to learn more.

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When space is at a premium, Henny Penny offers combi oven options that can foster the most productivity using the smallest possible footprint. Our Space$aver series of combi ovens are less than 22 inches wide. Click here to learn more.

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Enjoy the versatility of two separate cabinets in one integrated platform with each chamber using a powerful steam generation system that instantly adds or subtracts the precise amount of moisture needed for optimal cooking. Click here to learn more.

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The Henny Penny Combi Oven White Paper

Learn why combi ovens are perfect for growing c-store foodservice programs and meeting shifting consumer expectations. Our free guide shows how the combi oven can be a proven profit center.


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