Why Pressure Fry?

Pressure Fried FoodsAre you a restaurant owner or retail operator looking to add juicy, golden fried chicken or other delicious fried foods to your menu and you don’t have a fryer? Before you jump right in and make an investment in any old regular, open fryer, consider the benefits of pressure frying first and understand how this method of frying has always been – and continues to be – the world’s best tasting and most profitable way to produce fried chicken. 

What is Pressure Frying?

So what is pressure frying? Well, simply put, pressure frying is similar to conventional open, deep fat frying except that after the food has been placed into hot oil, a lid is lowered over the frypot and is securely sealed to create an airtight, controlled pressurized cooking environment. As the food heats up, surface moisture is quickly vaporized into steam, building pressure in the frypot. Once the pressure builds, a pressure barrier is formed around the food which prevents further moisture from being released. Pressure also increases turbulence to promote an even cooking process.

By creating a pressure barrier around the food, pressure frying seals in the food’s natural juices, nutrients and flavors and seals out excess oil, making the product more tender, flavorful and healthier. Because the oil is not absorbed into the food like open frying, you are using less oil – the most expensive component in a frying operation.

Pressure frying takes less time than conventional deep fat frying, allowing you to serve more orders in less time. The controlled pressurized cooking environment promotes turbulence that allows for a more even cooking process at lower temperatures. Shorter cook times translate into higher throughput. Cooking at lower temperatures saves energy. Another benefit of frying at lower temperatures, you are extending the life of the shortening because the higher temperatures are not breaking it down.

The bottom line is frying in a pressure fryer saves you time, energy and shortening all while producing a high quality, juicy, healthier food product for your customers.

Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny Pressure FryersHenny Penny knows pressure fryers: we helped revolutionize the industry by innovating commercial pressure fryers for businesses more than 55 years ago. We continue that legacy today by offering pressure fryers that help seal in flavor and improve our customer’s operations. With space-saving footprints, fast and easy built-in filtration, and industry-leading safety features, Henny Penny pressure fryers play key roles in leading QSR chains’ success, helping them create consistent taste and quality in thousands of locations around the globe every day.


Price-Davis, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Henny Penny Equipment, Parts and Supplies for North Carolina and South Carolina. For an obligation free consultation and assessment, please contact Price-Davis, Inc. at 1-800-456-1014.

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