We Offer a Variety of Services to Suit Every Need

AutoCAD Design

Any new project starts with a good plan. Our layout and design services is the perfect place to start by allowing us to take your idea or vision and placing it the available space. We develop plans that work; taking customer traffic flows, operational efficiencies and required equipment spacing all into consideration to maximize the capabilities of the space.

Our professionally prepared floor plans and details are generated using AutoCAD software. From these plans, we generate equipment specifications and requirements that enable project architects and engineers to take the project to the next level.

We make the design process easy and convenient by utilizing modern technologies to collaborate. From design on-site to web conferencing, we have the flexibility to create that perfect plan for your vision.

Equipment Consolidation and Staging

Coordinating equipment deliveries takes time, space and money, especially for larger projects. What happens if something is delivered and there are damages? How do you deal with it, let alone find the time to do so?

We can help eliminate those headaches for you so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our 20,000 sq.ft. warehouse has the space to consolidate all your equipment purchases in one area to prepare for delivery to your store or restaurant as they are needed. When the freight arrives in our facility, we check it to ensure there are no visible damages and handle any freight claims behind the scenes.

Equipment Delivery and Installation

Having professionally installed equipment can make a huge difference with the performance and appearance of your store fixture or restaurant equipment investment. Save time and money by leaving the installation to the professionals. With our white glove delivery service, we take great care to deliver your equipment on our own fleet of delivery vehicles when you need us – not like the big LTL guys where their only concern is moving freight and don’t care how they do it.

Our expert installation team will carefully unload the delivery vehicles, unpack or uncrate everything, remove any protective film and inspect for concealed damages. We will then assemble everything and set the equipment in the proper location. After the equipment is properly installed, we then remove all the packaging and crating materials from the premises leaving no trash for you to dispose of. If we are replacing equipment, we can even remove and dispose the old fixtures or equipment!

To conclude the installation, we perform a multi-point inspection of the delivery and installation to ensure everything has been delivered and installed properly.

Refrigeration Installation & Service

When it comes to building, and cooling refrigerated spaces, installing ice machines, or any remote refrigeration system, look no further than Price-Davis. As a licensed refrigeration contractor in North and South Carolina, we have the capability to take just about any space and make it cold! Whether you are merchandising cold beverages, frozen foods, or needing refrigerated storage in your commercial kitchen, we can engineer a cold environment for the application.

Our professional, licensed installers will build the cooler or freezer structure, install the refrigerant lines and install the refrigeration system. We pressure test every installation to ensure there are no system leaks prior to charging with Freon and unit start-up. Our work is meticulous and our attention to the little details is what separates us and will provide you with a system that will last many years.

In the event an issue arises with your refrigeration system, we are here to provide support and service assistance. Our refrigeration technicians can diagnose and provide repair services to get you back up and running in as little time as possible. When it comes to refrigeration, one call is all it takes!

Parts and Accessories

When it comes to parts and accessories for your convenience store or restaurant equipment, we have the resources to locate and provide these to you at exceptional prices. From cooler door gaskets to thermostats, elements, you name it, we can help you locate it.