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Hussmann Insight Merchandisers : An Operator Overview

The ingeniousness of this new case, lies in Hussmann’s willingness to ask their customers, “what is important to you?” At first glance, the Hussmann Insight case might not appear much different than any other refrigerated merchandiser. Upon closer inspection, however, one begins to instantly see the great value and ingenuity Hussmann carefully crafted into this merchandising work of art.  Hussmann has taken the initiative and time to ask their customers what is lacking in the current cases on the marketplace? Then, they took those problems and turned them into solutions. The result? The Hussmann Insight.

Hussmann Insight IDD5SU

What’s Important To You?






Food Quality & Case Performance

One of the most critical factors in open air merchandiser performance for users is the longevity of holding refrigerated products; you don’t want your deli meats, produce, or fish looking unsatisfactory before it’s out of date. The Insight line boasts an average temperature swing of less than a degree at various points throughout the day – keeping your food fresher, longer in addition to keeping the visual appearance of the products, more appealing to customers. While the defrost cycle can be the most significant point of temperature loss in an open-air case, the Insight goes into defrost mode less than their other lines, due to improvements made within the coil. All this adds up to extending the shelf life of your meat, dairy or produce!

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Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Insight merchandisers are up to 17% more energy efficient than other Hussmann models. How do they manage this? It is called Advantachill™. Through their Advantachill™ technology, Hussmann has made improvements to the fan, coil, doors, and lights. LED lights are standard on all Insight cases and are 71% more efficient than fluorescent lighting. The Insight’s coils use 30% less refrigeration than previous coil designs, which help reduce your carbon footprint.

Structural Integrity

Seamless would be the word that comes to mind when viewing an Insight case. Whether you have one-case or a line up of fifteen, you’ll be impressed with the Insight’s unified structural design. Hussmann also improved the case’s gasket channel, which ensures there will be no leaks between joined-cases in a long line up during washing.

Cleaning & Service

As an operator, the last thing you want is a case that is hard to maintain. You have enough to do in managing your product and employees! The Insight’s design has rounded edges, fewer seams, and less hardware than other Hussmann models, which makes it a breeze to clean. The “exterior” electrical components and LED lights have an IP rating of 67 or more. What this rating means is employees or maintenance professionals can rinse the case from top to bottom with a spray hose.  And when it comes to service? Electrical is located via an easy access panel at the top of the canopy, making for a faster turn around time on service calls.

Superior Merchandising

In an attempt to fit the look of your store, the Insight offers two stylized options for the case’s bumper and canopy. With these options, the merchandiser will blend into the background, allowing your food products to be the showcase! Insight cases are also fitted with the ability for various temperature settings, allowing you to change up your product offerings as needed. On cases with doors, the frame-less appearance of the Insight’s doors allows more visual access to the meat, dairy or produce inside.
Hussmann Insight Style Options
It is rare that a company engages with operators on a direct basis for advice when redesigning a product. I find it to be a reliable indicator of Hussmann’s character that they were willing to do so. After all, who knows more about what operators need in a product than the people that use it every day. The Insight’s unique resolutions to common problems that operators are experiencing are truly revolutionary. The time and level of detail that went into crafting the Insight’s design makes it the clear choice for operators who are in the market for new refrigerated merchandisers.

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