Henny Penny Pressure Fryers

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Henny Penny pressure fryers, notably recognized by the signature rectangular fry pot design — a first in the pressure fryer market, are a perfect solution for producing healthier fried foods in high-volume kitchens. The fry pot promotes turbulence for more evenly cooked products, while the built-in oil filtration system - standard on every Henny Penny pressure fryer helps extend oil life. Frying under pressure not only produces juicy fried foods but also saves money while doing so by using less energy, saving oil, and increasing throughput. It all helps create a difference you can taste!

Why Choose a Pressure Fryer

Top view of chicken meat on plate

Pressure frying produces the most consistently flavorful product and is faster than any other method when cooking in higher volumes. Frying with a Henny Penny pressure fryer not only seals moisture and flavor but also keeps excess cooking oil sealed out — yielding healthier, more delicious fried food. It’s the ideal way to cook freshly breaded, bone-in items like chicken or other proteins with natural juices.

Pressure Fryer Models

Henny Penny 4-head pressure fryers produce load after load of healthier, better-tasting fried chicken from less than 20 inches of wall space. Original color-keyed spindle makes it easy to create a perfect pressure seal every time. Click here to learn more.

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High-volume operators want two things: throughput and reliability. The Henny Penny legacy 8-head pressure fryer does both. Click here to learn more.

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A completely new pressure fryer designed to lower the cost of high-volume frying. The big savings are in oil. Nearly 4 times the oil life, reducing discards by 80%. Easier for the crew to use and maintain, so you also save on labor and service. Click here to learn more.

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