Henny Penny Pressure Fryers


Ever since Henny Penny invented the pressure fryer in 1957, Henny Penny has been the industry leader in performance, durability, and innovation — and today, their pressure fryers remain some of the most popular and reliable choices on the market. Henny Penny pressure fryers are used in the world’s largest and most recognized chains to deliver enhanced food flavor, easy oil management, and significant energy savings. The result? Greater profitability.

Pressure Fryer Models

The latest generation of Henny Penny’s PFE-500 and PFG-600 pressure fryers cook faster at lower temperatures and produce healthier, great-tasting fried foods, all while reducing oil consumption, energy costs, labor costs, and safety concerns.

The patented color-keyed spindle and lid lock make it easy to create the perfect pressure seal every time. Frying management controls, a rectangular fry pot with a 7-year warranty, and energy-efficient heat transfer that generates the industry’s lowest average exhaust temperatures. You can’t beat Henny Penny reliability or the ROI from serving load-after-load of great-tasting pressure fried chicken and more!

  • PFE 500/PFG 600 cooks up to 14 lb (6.4 kg of food per load
  • PFE 561 version cooks up to 18 lb (8.2 kg) of food per load and is designed specifically for operations that require higher capacity in the same footprint (Only available in electric)

The Henny Penny PFG-691 is the only pressure fryer on the market capable of cooking up to 24 lb. (11 kg) of food in a single load. For high-volume operators, that’s huge. Moreover, here’s why: Henny Penny's high-reliability heat transfer means you’re never waiting—you’re cooking. Fast recovery, higher throughput, less downtime. Furthermore, all day long you’ll be saving on costly frying oil, energy, labor, and precious floor space under the hood compared to an equivalent number of smaller pressure fryers from other manufacturers.

It’s easy to use, too. Standard features include programmable controls, a patented counter-balanced lid lift and lock system for easy lifting, simple, time-saving half-racks that can go straight from the fryer into the holding cabinet without re-racking all make the Henny Penny PFG-691 a smart investment for high volume locations.

  • Cooks up to 24 lb (11 kg) of food per load for higher throughput and profitability

The Henny Penny Velocity Series™ fryer can fry up to 24 lb. of food in 25% less oil per pound and establishes a new standard for performance and savings. It’s ingenious. The Velocity Series is an entirely new pressure fryer, engineered from the floor up to lower the high cost of high volume frying dramatically. How? This fryer automatically filters the oil after every frying cycle in about the time it takes to rack the next load. Oil level is monitored and replenished automatically to extend oil life and improve product quality.

The significant savings are in oil. With Velocity, you can get nearly four times the oil life and reduce oil discards by 80%! That means lower labor costs and happier employees, too. However, it gets better for you and them: The Velocity Series is smaller, easier to use, and easier to keep than Henny Penny’s legacy high-volume pressure fryer. Plus, brand new touch/tap control, new pressure lock design, lower deck and easy, one-handed lid lift mechanism. Check it out.