Henny Penny Combi Cooking

Fryers aren’t the only way Henny Penny is bringing fresh thinking and solid engineering to the world of foodservice. Our combi ovens are changing the way operators think about space, capability, and profitability. With a range of products designed to ensure even cooking and easy cleaning, Henny Penny is helping you prepare more customer favorites than ever — and spend less time than ever cleaning up afterward.

Our combi ovens use moist and dry heat to cook a wide variety of foods, plus they deliver greater throughput in less time than traditional convection ovens, so you can expand your menu and offer customers even more choices. And with the option to select your ideal size, control type, power level and pans, you can configure the combi oven that’s perfect for your facility.


Combi Oven Features

FlexFusion Platinum Series

More capacity. More advanced technology. More superbly cooked menu items done fast and efficiently. That’s the power of the truly versatile Henny Penny FlexFusion Platinum Series combi oven.

For starters, the FlexFusion Platinum series can replace steamers, grills and convection ovens, saving floor space and maintenance costs. Precise automatic humidity control in 10% increments lets you cook practically anything to perfection. And Chef’s Touch™ control makes cooking with FlexFusion as easy as using your cell phone, with hundreds of recipes and time-saving apps available at a single swipe. The FlexFusion Platinum is also far less costly to operate thanks to boilerless (and lime scale-free) steam generation, automatic cleaning system that uses 36% less water and FlexiRack® pans that increase cooking capacity by 100%.

Check out the magic of FlexFusion from Henny Penny. It’s perfect cooking… made perfectly easy.

FlexFusion Gold Series

What do you call a value-priced Henny Penny FlexFusion combi with manual controls and programmable cooking, offers boiler-less steam generation with humidity control at 25% increments, and incorporates most of the high-end design features of the FlexFusion Platinum Series?

The FlexFusion Gold Series combi combines fast, consistent cooking with the versatility to replace steamers, grills, and convection ovens. With the Gold Series, Henny Penny gives you the choice of saving upfront on control features you don’t want or need for an even quicker ROI. Compared to combis from other manufacturers, the Gold Series costs less to operate thanks to boiler-less (and lime scale-free) steam generation, an automatic cleaning system that uses 36% less water, and FlexiRack pans that increase cooking capacity by 100%.