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Henny Penny F5 Open Fryer

Henny Penny F5 Open Fryer

Henny Penny designed the F5 to deliver the most remarkable frying experience on the market — and it’s unlike any fryer you have ever seen. With a focus on simplicity, the F5 has an intuitive touch-and-swipe interface, a rugged, kitchenproof design and fast, simple-touch express filtration.

The F5 redefines low oil volume frying, taking it to the next level. It’s easier to use and maintain — all with the same great savings story for your operation.

Henny Penny F5 Features

  • Touch-and-swipe interface with a custom operating system cuts training time and simplifies daily operation
  • Large full-color LCD touchscreen with 4mm tempered glass
  • Fastest oil filtration on the market at just three minutes
  • Thoughtfully designed inside and out for more efficient service and cleaning
  • 40% less oil required at fill versus standard 50-lb. fryers
  • Built-in wireless module ensures F5 can be updated when new features and improvements are available, also allowing operators to download equipment data
  • Powerful 8-GPM filter pump and nozzle design improves ability to clean hard-to-reach fry pot corners
  • Built-in oil management features like automatic top-off and temperature management settings designed to prolong oil life and improve food quality

Easy Clean

The redesigned F5 features a sleek, smooth design that’s easy to clean, with fewer hard edges and places for oil and crumbs to collect.

Intuitive Touchscreen

The intuitive touch-and-swipe interface allows users to fry or filter in three screen touches or less. Simplicity translates to reduced training time and improved efficiency.

Pump System

The F5 features an 8-GPM pump system that’s 77% more powerful than the competition — with a new nozzle design that directs a steady stream of oil into hard-to-clean corners, clearing fry pot debris.

Express Filtration

The F5’s simple-touch express filtration takes just three minutes — at least 25% faster than any fryer available —making it easier to improve filter compliance.

Oil Management

With built-in oil management features like automatic top-off and temperature management settings, the F5 makes it easier than ever to prepare consistently flavorful food with every batch.


Troubleshooting prompts and helps guides include step-by-step onscreen instructions that make problem-solving easy and hassle-free.

Henny Penny F5 Technical Features

OFE511 1-well electric    OFE512 2-well electric      OFE513 3-well electric     OFE514 4-well electric

  •  7” (177.8mm) full-color LCD touchscreen featuring 4mm-thick tempered glass with recessed display corners designed to protect edges
  •  Custom touch-and-swipe operating system; easy to read and use
  •  Built-in, simple-touch express filtration in just three minutes
  •  40% less oil than a standard 50-lb. vat, same throughput
  •  Integrated WiFi module plus USB support to futureproof your fryer; receive and distribute software updates and pull data remotely
  •  Automatic top-off level sensors monitor oil level and add fresh oil as needed
  •  Up to 99 available cooking programs
  •  Heavy-duty removable stainless steel vats with 7-year warranty
  •  High-limit temperature protection with integrated control feedback
  •  Energy Star® rated
  •  Available in full vat, split vat or combination
  •  Heavy-duty basket rest removes easily for cleaning (gas)
  •  Hinged elements make vat clean-out quick and easy (electric)
  •  Idle and melt modes
  • Load compensation
  •  Proportional control
  •  Filter tracking
  •  Multiple language settings
  • Auto lift automatically lowers and raises basket (optional feature)
  •  Bulk oil dispose (optional feature)


F5 food quality and consistency


F5 Staff Training


F5 Oil Management




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