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With over seven decades of experience in the beverage dispensing industry, Cornelius has become the world’s leading manufacturer of cold beverage dispensing equipment. In general, Cornelius manufactures a broad line of post-mix beverage dispensing systems, juice and tea dispensers, frozen beverage dispensers, ice makers, and a complete line of accessories to complete any package. Additionally, their products are the choice of the world’s leading beverage brand owners, restaurants, convenience stores and hospitality chains. Altogether, Cornelius prides itself on designing innovation, reliability and providing on-going support through the life of the product.

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Cornelius Products

Cornelius IDC Pro

IDC Pro Fountain Beverage Dispenser

Reimagine cold-beverage dispensing with the revolutionary new, interactive post-mix ice and drink dispenser from Cornelius. To emphasize, the IDC pro modernizes beverage dispensing by offering a HUGE interactive touchscreen. This marvel not only dispenses carbonated and non-carbonated beverages but also puts the operator in control of their high-profit beverages. Additionally, the massive digital merchandising space is eye-catching and becomes a promotional space that can generate additional revenues.

Cornelius FlavorFusion

Cornelius FlavorFusion Ice Drink Dispenser

Colorful FlavorFusionTM post-mix Ice Drink dispenser grabs customers’ attention and allows an impressive range of drink options in a compact size. Up to 16 brand options (14 chilled) and each position can deliver carbonated or non-carbonated drinks. Bonus flavor nozzles allow up to eight additional flavors for a customized drink experience.

Cornelius ED250 Beverage Dispenser

Enduro Ice & Beverage Dispenser

The Cornelius Enduro range of ice and drink dispensers delivers crisp and refreshing bottle-quality carbonated drinks every time. Moreover, the TotalFlexTM system allows for a fast and smooth transition from carbonated to non-carbonated drinks. This allowing for a broader cold-beverage offering. Not to mention is the large, illuminated merchandiser that will deliver high-impact marketing messages to consumers. Finally, additional features include ease of serviceability with front-access to everything.

Cornelius Viper 4 Barrel FCB

Viper Frozen Beverage Dispenser

The Cornelius Viper Elite™ combines brilliant design, superior performance, and world-class quality and offers a new level of reliability. Additionally, the optimized, high capacity refrigeration design coupled with Cornelius’ quick-recovering cooling system allows peak-demand performance.For these reasons, the Viper Elite™ produces the highest quality beverages time after time. As a result, with the adjustable overrun setting from 30%-130% per barrel, the Viver Elite allows full control on profitability.

Cornelius EJ1

Jet Spray Juice Dispenser

Whether dispensing fresh juices, non-carbonated soft drinks, or flavored teas, there’s a JetSpray model that’s perfect for the application. To illustrate, the visual display dispensing system promotes impulse sales, and constant recirculation of beverage keeps drinks chilled and fresh. Additionally, the sleek, modern design cabinetry fits into any foodservice environment. Lastly, accessories are available to support beverages such as fresh juices and cold teas. Optional circulators are available as well for thick or foamy products.

Cornelius WCC-700 Chunklet Ice Maker

Modular Ice Machines

Create custom, ice solutions that drive profits with Cornelius’ modular ice makers. With a choice of cubes, chunklets, or flakes and production ranges from 300 to 2000 pounds, Cornelius has the ice solution to fit customer needs. Coupled with a Cornelius fountain, Cornelius’ modular ice makers complete the package.