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Commercial Styleline

Since 1975, Commercial Refrigerator Door Company has provided the supermarket and convenience store industries with innovative glass display doors. Moreover, their Styleline brand includes the latest DOE 2017 compliant glass door and frame systems for walk-in coolers, and freezers.

From the STYLELINE CL, SE, and FX series door and frame systems, the perfect mix of condensation protection, energy efficiency, and appearance are available to enhance the shopper experience. Additionally, Styleline’s ABC Beer Cave Doors, HDD Entrance Doors, and customized Fixed Windows complete any store package. Lastly, and best of all, they are all backed by the best warranty in the industry – two years on workmanship, five years on LED lighting and twenty years on condensation between the panes! That is innovation, quality, and reliability.

Styleline Products

Styleline CL

The all-new STYLELINE® CL sets a new standard for glass display cooler and freezer doors. Engineered with an advanced thermal design and combined with Styleline LED Plus lighting, STYLELINE® CL door systems are fully compliant with DOE 2017 regulations. Altogether, STYLELINE® CL glass doors are extremely energy efficient and a lower cost of ownership and sustainability.

Styleline SE

STYLELINE® SE energy efficient door & frame system is the industry leading zero-energy cooler door and frame system since 1993. Additionally, the STYLELINE® SE’s advanced thermal design provides tremendous energy savings. Results are a quick return on investment without sacrificing performance.

 Styleline FX

STYLELINE® FX sets a new standard in protection against condensation by providing advanced thermal design fully compliant with DOE 2017 regulations. Not to mention the beautiful and elegant edge-to-edge glass appearance, providing this door system with a high-end look and feel. Combined with beauty, energy efficiency, and proven reliability make the STYLELINE® FX an excellent choice to enhance any high-end convenience store.

Styleline ABC Automatic Beer Cave Door

STYLELINE® Automatic Beer Cave Doors are fully automated offering hands-free convenience and make beer caves inviting to enter. Additionally, each ABC door system is energy efficient and has no-heat glass pack technology. For that reason, each door and frame system are DOE 2017 Compliant in addition to ADA Compliant as well. By and large, the STYLELINE® Automatic Beer Cave Doors are a significant investment to increase beer cave traffic and ultimately profits from beer and ancillary product sales.


STYLELINE® HDD Heavy Duty Entrance doors are engineered for high-volume use, durability and peace of mind. Additionally, STYLELINE® HDD Entrance Doors stands up to the high traffic areas and provides shopper-friendly, trouble-free performance. Finally, STYLELINE® HDD doors include a heavy-duty hydraulic closer and are DOE 2017 compliant.

Styleline Fixed Windows

Fixed Windows are perfect for beer caves applications and Supermarkets. The design incorporates the technologies used in the STYLELINE® SE system that exceeds DOE 2017 standards. Additionally, Styleline manufacturers the fixed windows with high performance, 3pane, LowE, Argon filled and fully tempered glass package. For this, the design eliminates the need for added heat and energy controller. Additionally, each window has a black vinyl trim that gives the interior a “finished” look without having to use optional trim frames kits.