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Bars and Pubs

The local watering hole is a place where people meet to have a fun evening with friends and family, or to catch the big game. What goes on behind the bar is pivotal to that experience being an enjoyable one for your customers. From the glasswareyou choose to serve your crafted concoctions in, to the refrigeration used to keep your selection of bottled craft beer cold and even the deep fryer or range used to fire-up your signature apps…you’ll find it here!


SpaceSaver Plus with Hood

The Henny Penny integrated hood option for Space$aver and Space$aver Plus combis offers a low- cost solution that gives operators the flexibility to position combi cooking anywhere.


EvolutionElite Open Fryer

Now you can use significantly less oil, consume less energy and spend less time filtering thanks to the Evolution Elite’s intuitive controls and built-in innovation


Continental Bar Refrigeration

For your next bar/restaurant design, consider the performance, sustainability and versatility of Continentals Refrigerator Keg coolers, Back Bar Coolers, Bottle Coolers and Glass & Plate Chillers.