//Artisan Pizza Done Cookshack Style

Artisan Pizza Done Cookshack Style

Artisan Pizza - Cookshack Style

Wood-fired Artisan Pizza in a Small Footprint?

What if there is a way to produce flavorful hand-crafted, wood-fired artisan-style pizza in a small footprint, with less labor, time, and can be used in a mobile application? Well, you can. Drum Roll Please…

Introducing the PZ400 wood pellet-fired pizza oven from Cookshack.


Wood-fired pizza being removed from a Cookshack PZ400 Pizza OvenPellet Fired For That Great Smoky Flavor

The Cookshack PZ400 is an ingeniously designed pizza oven that uses small wood pellets to heat the oven and produce flavorful smoke to tease your palette. Pellets are loaded into a reservoir and are automatically added to the firebox as needed to produce the desired temperature. For those who love the savory aroma of hickory, it is the most common hardwood used and produces that sweet, smoky flavor that is traditional in Southern-style cooking. Other wood species such as fruitwoods (Apple & Cherry), Mesquite and Oak can be used or mixed to develop the desired flavor profile. Ideal pellets are those that have no binders, artificial fillers, or additives so that your foods are getting a clean, safe, smoke that will keep customers coming back for more.



Cookshack PZ400 Wood Fired Pizza OvenSmall Footprint, BIG Results

At just under 38″ wide and 27″ deep, the Cookshack PZ400 doesn’t take up lots of space as other wood-fired ovens require. Saving space in your cook line cuts down on costly exhaust vent hoods. Venting the oven is as easy as by placing the flue under an existing exhaust hood, or could be vented directly outside. Refer to your local NFPA96 fire codes for reference.

In the oven’s cavity, you will find a thick pizza stone that will hold several small personal pizzas, or a 16″ pizza. The oven is very efficient due to the double-wall stainless steel construction and 2″ Spin-Glas® insulation in the walls. The important thing here is the heat stays in the oven and not in the kitchen which makes this a fabulous oven for smaller kitchen formats.


Easy To Use

The easy-to-use, versatile control panel adjusts the temperature from 170°F – 900°F, giving you a wide range of temperatures allowing you to provide authentic smoke to calzones, quesadillas, Stromboli, desserts and more! Speaking of easy, there is no need to turn pizzas to get that perfect even cook as you would in a traditional wood-fired oven. Also, tending to the fire is not necessary. The PZ400’s advanced controls do all the dirty work for you!


The Bottom Line

Cookshack PZ400Now, saving the best for last. The Cookshack PZ400 cooks hand-crafted artisan pizzas, over real wood flames in just 3 minutes
without turning! Increased throughput with less labor, means adding more money to the bottom line. Pizzas turn out looking phenomenal with that leopard crust and a flavorful, smoky taste that higher-end wood-fired ovens produce.

For the foodservice operator who wants to offer their customers a high quality, great-tasting pizza, or other wood-fired foods, this oven checks all the boxes: Small format… Check; Easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of labor… Check; Fast and Efficient… Check; Produces delicious foods… Check;

Proudly Made in the USA… Check! Check! Check!

Foodtruck and mobile BBQ operators – you guys should take notice! The PZ400 is the real deal!


Reach out to us to learn more how a Cookshack pellet-fired pizza ovens and smokers can add a great tasting, high-profit items to your menu.

Cookshack Electric and Wood Pellet Smokers


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